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Cascade | Pipe-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Flow Cell

Cascade | Pipe-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Flow Cell

Specac’s Cascade Pipe-Mounted liquid process flow cell is designed for the optical sampling of industrial process fluids in transmission mode using optical fiber interfaces. This rugged and durable cell enables the continuous in-situ monitoring of process streams by means of UV/VIS and NIR spectroscopy.

Pipe-Mounted fittings:

High quality ¼” pipe-mounted fittings.  

Versatility in design and configuration:

The Cascade cell can be configured with different body materials, pathlengths and seal options tailored specifically to your requirements.  

UV/VIS and NIR modes of operation:

By choosing between UV Quartz and Sapphire windows, the cell is flexible enough to be used in either UV/VIS or NIR mode of operation.  

Additional features available when required:

With the option to add features such as cleaning ports the cell can be easily cleaned in-situ thus reducing downtime.  

Factory aligned optics:

The cell is factory aligned during manufacturing to ensure optimum stability and sensitivity.

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Meer informatie over Cascade | Pipe-Mounted NIR Liquid Process Flow Cell

  • Allows remote process monitoring and control.
  • Improves process efficiency leading to cost savings.
  • Reproducible and safe sampling.
  • Quality of spectra obtained is of the highest quality.
  • The gas/vapour passing through the Typhoon cell is analysed by light passing through Sapphire or Quartz windows. The light is brought to and from the remote process cell environment via connectivity to fiber optics. Depending on the types of fibers and spectral range of analysis, the fiber connections to a spectrometer may be as distant as a kilometer away from the actual sampling and installation point of the flow cell.
  • Various sealing options suitable for extreme conditions.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • High quality, robust design.
  • Cost savings due to process optimisation.
  • Reproducible sampling.
  • Allows process control and monitoring.
  • Allows sampling of hazardous process streams in complete safety.



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