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DC-3 | Diamond Compression Cell

DC-3 | Diamond Compression Cell

Specac’s high-pressure DC-3 Diamond Compression Cell is designed for in-compartment FTIR spectroscopic transmission analysis and FTIR microscope analysis. The DC-3 diamond compression cell enables solid and semi-solid type samples to be compressed to an ideal thickness for transmission experiments prior to IR spectroscopic analysis.
  • High Quality Diamond windows The cell uses two single flat, parallel crystal diamond windows of circa 3.5mm diameter and 0.5mm thickness.
  •  Large clear aperture 1.5mm diameter clear aperture.
  •  High working pressure A compressible O-ring is used between two fixing screws that pull the plate assemblies together for even and level sample contact.
  •  440C Stainless steel body construction
  •  Beam condenser option for benchtop FTIR This 4x beam condenser mounts in an FTIR spectrometer so that the DC-3 can be used as a regular transmission cell.

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  • Minimal sample preparation required which means that samples are ready for direct FTIR spectroscopic analysis.
  • Strong and reduced thickness diamond windows provide the highest infrared optical throughput for this type of cell.
  • Particularly well suited for the analysis of hard samples, including minerals, rubbers and rigid polymers.
  • Very easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.
  • The cell is assembled using an extremely high-strength and durable diamond-to-metal bond technology.
  • Quality of spectra obtained is of the highest quality.

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