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High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) Cell

High Temperature High Pressure (HTHP) Cell

The Specac high temperature/high pressure cell (HTHP cell) is intended for characterization of solid samples, including heterogeneous catalyst systems. It can be heated up to 800 °C and pressurized to a certified 1000 psi with a gaseous atmosphere from up to three gas feeds. It is capable of three analysis modes: transmission, reflectance, and decomposition of solids.
  • Pressure certified ZnSe Windows The cell contains two pressure certified ZnSe window assemblies to allow for the transmission of IR radiant light to and from the sample held within the sample post mount assembly.
  •  3 different experimental modes Easily switch between Transmission, Specular Reflectance and Decomposition modes.
  •  Built in safety features:
    • Temperature trips and water cooled top and bottom plates to prevent heat transfer to your spectrometer.
    • Pressure release device called a ‘burst disc’ to prevent inadvertent over-pressurisation of the system and potential damage to the ZnSe window assemblies.
  •  Rugged and durable construction The cell body is manufactured in 316 Stainless Steel whilst all heated surfaces such as the heating post assembly and decomposition pans are manufactured from Incoloy.

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  • Analysis of solid samples (eg. KBr pellets in transmission mode or by a reflectance measurement).
  • Bulk measurements of samples in transmission mode.
  • In transmission mode the cell does not discriminate surface from bulk features.
  • Extremely easy to control the sample environment in terms of temperature and pressure.
  • Sample pans allow analysis of gases released from thermal decomposition of solids.
  • Unmatched performance.
  • Ideal for characterisation of coal, catalysts, resins/polymers, ceramics and minerals.

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