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Specadie Kit

Specadie Kit

The Specadie accessory enables the user to have a low-cost method of making KBr pellets for analysis by FTIR without the need of a separate press or die. Kit including Specadie, two spanners, spare bolts and seals, and KBr powder.
  • No separate press, die or pellet holder required
  • Quick sample preparation
  • Evacuable option for best sample clarity and quality
  • 8.5mm diameter pressed sample diameter
  • Spectrometer slide in mount supplied
  • Highly Portable

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Product nr. Specadie Kit

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Consisting of a die body and 2 bolts, each with a highly polished pressing face, the sample and KBr mixture is placed into the body. The bolts are then tightened together to form the pressed pellet.   After pressing, the bolts are removed, with the sample being retained inside the die body. The body becomes the sample holder which is then placed on the supplied spectrometer mount which fits the universal slide in feature provided with almost all FTIR Spectrometers. If desired a vacuum pump can be attached to enable the removal of air for difficult or moisture sensitive samples.


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