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SpectroBlend (1/2g tablets, 500 per bottle)

SpectroBlend (1/2g tablets, 500 per bottle)

Binder composition: C: 68.0%; O: 16.8%; H: 11.4%; N: 3.8% Pelletising aids including aluminium support cups, binding/grinding additives, and polypropylene films to prevent samples adhering to die parts.
  • Aluminium cups in 32 and 40 mm sizes, either straight-walled or tapered according to user preference.
  • Binding/grinding additives based on starch/cellulosic materials and boric acid, in powder and tablet form.
  • SpectroPellet films to prevent adhesion between samples and die surfaces.

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Product nr. SpectroBlend (1/2g tablets, 500 per bottle)

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Aluminium support cups

These collapsible cups are designed to support the powder while it is under load within the die. The aluminium deforms with the sample and results in a strong, supportive backing for the finished pellet. These cups are available in different sizes and starting shapes.

Binding/grinding additives

These additives contain different compositions of starch/cellulose or boric acid and are effective in binding powders together during compression. They are mixed with the sample powders during the milling/homogenising process to ensure a thorough blend prior to pelletising. The low-Z elements used in these binders ensure that they are not detected by the XRF instrument.

Binder composition

X-Ray Mix® C: 48.7%; O: 42.6%; H: 8.1%; B: 0.6%
SpectroBlend® Powder C: 77.0%; O: 5.4%; H: 12.9%; N: 4.7%
SpectroBlend® Tablets  C: 68.0%; O: 16.8%; H: 11.4%; N: 3.8%
Boric Acid O: 77.6% H: 4.9%; B: 17.5%
Liquid Binder C: 35%, H: 53%, O:6%, N: 6%

SpectroPellet films

Some powdered sample materials exhibit tendencies to adhere to the pellet die surface during the briquetting operation. This condition frequently results in repeated attempts to form a satisfactory sample briquette with increasing potential threats of cross contamination and elaborate time consuming clean ups. A novel approach to resolving this problem is by using SpectroPellet® Film in pre-cut circles. Available in 32, 35, and 40 mm sizes.



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