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3-Port Liquid Flow Cell

3-Port Liquid Flow Cell

The 3-Port Liquid Flow Cell is a sealed, fixed 100 μm pathlength cell designed for the analysis of oils and other liquids. The cell is supplied mounted to a standard 3” x 2” slide mounted back plate for installation into a spectrometer sample compartment.
  • Semi-permanently sealed cell with 100 μm pathlength
  • Wedged to supress interference fringing
  • 3 ports: 2 for flow & 1 for cleaning

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The 3-port Liquid Flow Cell features Omni-fit reverse cone connecting ports suitable for  use with 3.2 mm tubing. Capable of being pressurised to 30 psi (2 bar) the cell is a great addition to any routine analytical laboratory requiring the ability to flow their sample through a cell. The inlet and cleaning port are on the same side of the cell, with the cleaning port fitted with a dead end as standard. In general use the cell is cleaned by simply flushing with suitable solvent without disassembly.


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