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Electrical Heating Jacket

Electrical Heating Jacket

Specac’s Electrical Heating Jacket is designed to allow the study of solid and liquid samples over a temperature range from ambient to circa 250°C, via transmission spectroscopy ranging from the Far UV through to the Far IR. The variation in temperature is achieved by heating the Electrical Heating Jacket from its dedicated 30-volt supply 4000 Series power controller whilst a particular liquid or solid cell holder is contained within the Electrical Heating Jacket. Principally, the Electrical Heating Jacket is used with Specac’s Advanced Liquid or Solid Transmission cells or a Solid Cell Holder. The Jacket is installed into the sample compartment of an FTIR Spectrometer via the 3” x 2” slide mounting plate.
  • High temperature capability: The Electrical Heating Jacket can be heated to as high as 250°C.
  • Several carefully designed safety features: Fully CE safety compliant. EC Declaration of Conformity provided with the product. Protective water-cooling system.
  • Static or flow sampling capabilities: The Electrical Heating Jacket can be used with sealed and demountable liquid cells for static and flow sampling applications.
  • Versatile sampling system: Suitable for analysing solids and liquids and operating from the Far UV through to the Far IR.
  • Multifunctional for FTIR spectrometers: Compatible with FTIR Spectrometers via standard 3” x 2” slide mount.

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  • Capable of operating up to as high as 250°C.
  • Liquid or solid sampling cells can be quickly and easily swapped in and out of the cell to suit the specific nature of the application.
  • Operate in static or flow modes of operation.
  • Extremely versatile sampling capability.


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