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Heated Platens

Heated Platens

Heated pressing surfaces that easily adapt to Specac hydraulic presses, suitable for use with thin film-makers or other hot pressing and material forming methods.
  • 300 °C maximum temperature – The platens’ heated surfaces are electrically heated  
  • 100 mm platen diameter – The pressing surface is large enough for Specac film makers, dies, and other small sized work pieces.

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Meer informatie over Heated Platens

The Heated Platens have been designed to provide heatable pressing surfaces compatible with all Specac Hydraulic Presses (except the 40T Autotouch Press). The platens are easily installed into the press in seconds and have a large surface area, with full CE safety approval. They are fitted with a permanent thermocouple which monitors the temperature close to the pressing surface with a stability of ±1°C. Please note: The surfaces of the platens in contact with the press must be water cooled to prevent overheating and heat transfer to the press itself.

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