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Mini-Film Maker Kit

Mini-Film Maker Kit

Handheld film-maker for infrared transmission spectroscopy

The Specac Mini-Film Maker is designed to produce high-quality thin films of polymer and plastic materials for infrared transmission analysis. This product enables quick and easy hot pressing of samples at any temperature between ambient to 250°C, to give constant and reproducible thickness films over the range 50 to 500 microns with a formed diameter of 15mm.
  • Quick and reproducible thin film production
  • Sample melt points from ambient to 250°C
  • Standard film sizing rings of 50, 100, 250 & 500 microns
  • Dedicated film maker accessory with hydraulic press and integrated heated platens

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Everything you need for FTIR film-making The Mini-Film Maker Kit includes:

  • the Mini-Film Maker Press with integrated heated platens and digital temperature controller
  • a Film Maker Assembly with Film Sizing Rings of 50, 100, 250 and 500 microns
  • 200 pairs of Aluminium Foil Discs
  • a Cooling Plate
  • a pack of 100 Specacards
  • stainless steel tweezers (forceps)
  • a set of US, EU and UK Power leads as standard


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Aluminium Foil Discs for Mini Film Maker (200 Pairs)

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