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Golden Gate | Diamond ATR accessory

Golden Gate | Diamond ATR accessory

The Golden Gate® is a robust option for demanding single-reflection ATR applications. It features a brazed diamond ATR crystal and a signature “Golden Gate” sample loading bridge. More advanced top-plate assemblies are available for in-situ, high- and low-temperature work.
  • Monolithic diamond ATR The diamond crystal is brazed into a tungsten carbide mounting to achieve the highest possible physical and chemical resilience.
  • Robust sampling top-plates The stainless-steel top-plate joins the diamond crystal and the loading bridge into one integral part that can withstand anything the lab throws at it. There are also top-plate options for in-situ sampling at sub-zero or high temperatures up to 300 °C.
  • Signature bridge design Up to 80 lbs force can be applied to solid samples, ensuring the firmest possible contact to the diamond.
  • Sapphire anvil The standard anvil tip for loading solid samples is made from durable sapphire and is self-levelling to deal with irregularly shaped solids. There are also anvils for dealing with polymer beads, wires, and textile fibres.

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Durable diamond ATR Specac’s Golden Gate™ ATR is a high-performance single reflection monolithic diamond ATR sampling accessory, featuring a diamond ATR element metal-bonded into a tungsten carbide mount, providing outstanding durability and exceptional chemical resistance. The robust design, strength, and inherent inertness of the Golden Gate™ diamond ATR element allows the spectral analysis of abrasive, hard, reactive, or corrosive samples. Focusing optics The Golden Gate uses focusing lenses to achieve a tightly focused beam on the diamond ATR crystal. The standard lens material is ZnSe but KRS-5 lenses are also available as an option where access to the lower wavenumber region of the spectrum is required. Easily adapt your ATR analysis The demountable nature of the top plate enables it to be replaced with one that allows non-ambient spectroscopic analyses under different conditions of temperature and pressure. It also carries an advantage in preparation of toxic or harmful materials, as they can be prepared in a glove box, sealed, and then measured with a higher degree of operator protection than other infrared sampling methods.

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